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Pet Adoptions
We always have a variety of animals hoping to become pets
available for adoption. Our private adoption area enables you to
spend one-on-one time with a pet who may be joining your family.

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Adoption Information
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Adoptable Pets

Stray Dogs If you see a stray dog running loose in your area,
please call the Shelter to have it picked up. The owner may be
looking for that animal and you may prevent it from being hurt.

Lost and Found Pets
If you find a stray pet, please contact the Shelter.  We keep records
to assist in returning lost pets to their owners. If your pet is
missing, visit the Shelter to see if it has been brought in and, if not,
to file a lost pet report so that we can contact you when your pet is

Animal Traps
If animals such as cats or wildlife are creating a nuisance in your
area, animal traps can be checked out for one week from the
Shelter for their capture.
Belle, a Lab stray found in the county,
lives at the Shelter. She spends her
days greeting visitors and boosting
Salina Animal Shelter
"Facing Today's Issues of Animal Care"
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                                         Providing animal control and adoption services...

                          for Salina and Saline County, Kansas
cruelty investigations, rabies emergency services, enforcing
local and state animal-related ordinances, control, dog license
The Shelter is responsible for impounding lost and stray animals,
sales, lost and found pet records, 24-hour operation emergency
services, educational programs, and administration of the animal
adoption program.
Cruelty Investigation
quick action may save the animal’s life.

Information and Referrals
Our trained staff can answer questions on pet care and animal-related issues.  We can also refer you to
other organizations that can assist you with specific problems.

Euthanasia and Crematorium
The Shelter offers euthanasia and crematorium services by appointment. Call the Shelter for
information on these services.

Public Education
Trained Shelter staff can provide education programs for schools, community organizations, civic
groups, and individuals. Shelter tours are also available.
The art relief carved in the bricks of the Salina Animal Shelter is not only a beautiful piece of artwork,
but a teaching tool as well.  Many people visit the shelter to study the art.  Just looking at it tells its
own story about the animals that pass through the door: wildlife, exotic, and domestic animals, all of
them in need of care, under a canopy of hope.